Individual Membership (STANDARD) 1 Person ONLY


This membership permits the Member to use all of the facilities in The Field Equestrian Centre as a Rider and or Spectator at the standard rate for a twelve month period starting from the 01st day of February 2022 and ending on the 31st day of January 2023.

NOTE:- (1) There is NO discount whatsoever for members who join in any month after February 2022. ALL memberships end on the same day 31st January 2023. You can renew your membership prior to or on the 31/01/2023.

(2) ONLY 1 Member is permitted on an Individual Membership Application. Multiple membership applications MUST be made on “GROUP” or “FAMILY” or “TRAINER” membership plans. There are NO Exceptions to this rule.

(3) FURTHER NOTE:- Adding extra members to this “INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP” application during the registration process, (whether paid for or not) WILL INVALIDATE your application and therefore your membership. See (2) above.