Do you know that we permit the trial of Horses on our premises?

That means that anyone can bring a horse which is for sale, here, and use our facilities for the potential buyer to trial the horse. There is NO better place to trial a horse! We have every scenario imaginable to put any horse through its paces.

We facilitate and subsidise the buying/selling process between members and their clients/friends etc where we permit the potential buyer to trial a horse throughout our entire facility for Only €30.

How does this work?

Generally the Buyer is the person with the most interest in a proper trial of any new horse which the buyer is interested in. Wherefore it is usual practice that the Buyer pays the €30 fee, as this entitles the buyer and another 1 or 2 people to ride the horse throughout our extensive facilities.

This mere €30 fee has caused some people to become irrational and extremely emotional to say the least. Wherefore we feel it logical to explain this €30 charge/fee.

NOBODY can just turn up here and ride for free, we have invested millions to produce a facility which is unrivalled in this Country and most other Countries. The usual fee to ride here on either Cross Country or Show Jumping Arena is €25 for each. (NOT BOTH. It’s one or the other) -or- you can combine both for €40. This entitles 1 horse and 1 rider only (NO EXCEPTIONS).

The TRIAL offer is €30. This allows the horse and up to 3 riders to ride/trial the horse for as long as they wish. The critical value of 1 Horse and 3 riders here at FEC PMC is €120 (3 x €40) (1 x horse and 1 x rider x 3 = €40+€40+€40) For the avoidance of ALL doubt, there is NO possibility that a horse can be brought to FEC PMC and have multiple riders for a single fee. Multiple riders means multiple fees.

We facilitate proper trials of horses for the reduced fee of Only €30 as horses and new owners generally means new members joining FEC PMC. Wherefore there is usually a benefit for all concerned.

This topic is NOT up for debate, and is NOT negotiable. The fee to trial a horse here at FEC PMC is €30 where you enjoy the unlimited use of a multi million euro state of the art equine facility.


Honestly, this is of NO concern to FEC PMC. Logic would dictate that the Buyer is the person to gain from a rigorous trial throughout our entire facility. Wherefore it would appear that the buyer should pay. Notwithstanding same the Seller also benefits from the Sale, so perhaps €15 from the buyer and the seller is also fair. The €30 can also be incorporated into the selling price etc. etc. The only thing that is both certain and constant in this scenario is that €30 must be paid upon arrival at FEC PMC before any horse can be trialled here at FEC PMC.

We hope that this clarifies the hotly debated topic between members! And we hope you enjoy your trial and use of our facilities at this reduced rate, and we hope to see you again in the future!

Conversation about trialling a horse at FEC PMC!